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tv   The Five  FOX News  October 30, 2012 2:00pm-3:00pm PDT

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in recent times, a manmade disaster. the terrorist attack where we saw trading disrupted by upwards of a week. back in business tomorrow. could be a very bumpy ride. we'll cover the first part of it tonight with the futures. the actual stuff tomorrow mor morning. >> eric: this is a fox news alert. hurricane sandy level everything in her path. started at the new jersey line. next path is cleveland. we'll get in front of her in a minute, but first to janice dean and the extreme weather center for what is happening now. this is a broad system but we are seeing all sort of effect. high wind and surge as well in the northeast. snow continues to fly in the numbers of feet if you can
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believe it. this is like ocean effect snow off the atlantic forming across the-year of ohio valley. blizzard warning in effect for west virginia and kentucky. there is cleveland. we have wind advisories along the great lakes where we see wind gust in excess of 60 to 70 miles per hour. waves 20 to 30 feet. so this storm is affecting 24 states. amazing, right? much of half the country. there is your wind gust. i want to show you, we have what is left of sandy. then we have high pressure across the south. pressure gradient between the system is going to bring wind gusts. in some cases 30, 40, 50 miles per hour for a good part of the country in to thursday. so we're still going to be dealing with the effects of this storm in thursday and especially to friday. and the snow, i mean can you believe this? in the higher elevations of maryland, west virginia, two feet of snow on top of that.
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we could see 12 to 18 more inches. this is widespread. with so many effects. there is the future radar heading to wednesday. even though the low pressure system that was sandy moves to canada. not done with the storm yet. there are the winter storm advisories. can you believe this? blizzard advisories stretching down to the appalachians. southern appalachians. we'll continue to monitor sandy or what's left of sandy in the form of a winter storm. eric? >> eric: thank you, janice. let's go to cleveland, ohio, now, with gabe spiegel of wjw on the bank of lake erie where sandy is patching a huge punch. >> look at the powers here along the shore of angry lake erie. you see that is interstate 90 heading westbound. just reopened. it's been closed most of the day, because of the raw power of the waves.
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blasting on the roadway. sending small rocks and causing havoc for drivers. you can see the power here. this is a boulder that weighs a good 200 to 300 pounds. can't move that one. this one, i got that one covered. police cordoned off the entire area because of the gawkers and onlookers. there was a guy here parked yesterday who had a camaro smashed by one of the rocks. feel bad for that guy. as far as the power outages along the lake, 250,000 people remain without power and the local power company telling us it might be this weekend at the earliest. when we get the juice turned back on. that's the latest along the shores of lake erie. i'm gabe spiegel. eric, back to you. >> eric: thank you, gabe. so let's throw stats out here. we have just been updated. a.p. telling us at least 40 died because of the hurricane sandy or storm sandy. in ohio, literally, feet of snow being dropped. red house, maryland, 26 inches. west virginia, if inches.
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it goes on and on. but the point is, kimberly, this thing is nowhere near being finished with the havoc. >> kimberly: it isn't. we're getting updates, you know, every ten minutes what about is going on. different developments. havoc, devastation. in queens, we found one area. 80 homes destroyed. 40 dead so far. the numbers keep mounting up in terms of the economic crisis and fall-out from this. it's significant. so many people displaced without homes. >> eric: shoiz in the path. a lot of people are expecting hurricane sandy, or storm sandy. will it affect early voting, voting, will it affect the election? >> dana: bob, you want to jump in? >> bob: next block. i want to talk about that. >> eric: i want to talk about the storm on the election. >> bob: on that one, there are 8 million people without power. but more importantly, these states that are affected, have electronic voting. a lot of them have electronic voting. if they don't have the power
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back and on by tuesday, how do you deny people the right the vote? maybe give them paper ballot. >> dana: probably a backup plan or something. one thing about not having power for that long, if you are elderly or have an elderly neighbor, after the second day, third, day, fourth day, it's a huge problem for them. check in on them if you can't. if you're the parent of young children, trying to keep them occupied because the schools are closed. you also don't want to send them outside because of falling branchs or other type of problems. the first couple of days, fun, there is the storm and excitement, pain in rear. but by saturday if they still don't have power people start to get angry. >> kimberly: i'm seeking play dates for tomorrow for ronin. school is closed-up in thursday. >> eric: schools are closed. >> greg: i love how dana asked like she cares. last night she cheated at kurplunk. >> dana: how do you cheat at that? >> greg: you made your own sticks! anyway, i look for something
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positive with this. the real winner here in all of this is lydia callis. >> dana: love her. >> greg: the sign language interpreter for mayor bloomberg. so when mayor bloomberg comes out to speak, there she is. we highlighted her there. she is absolutely hypnotic. the facial expressions alone are worth the price of admission. she is so good at this, she actually makes it impossible to hear mayor bloomberg. his words fall on deaf ears, because she is so compelling. everything. i could look at that for hours. no idea what she is saying. >> kimberly: you did last night, actually. >> greg: i did. >> dana: i was mesmerized by her, too. i could hear what he said but i focus on her because she was so good. i learned just to say to her great job. >> kimberly: nice! g that means jaspe >> bob: people deserve credit here. first, the first responders.
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24 hour, doing their job remarkably well. i have to say this. if you work in television business, production operations in this station, and this channel, to get out and many places that they did and up and down the east coast, did a remarkable job taking care of us, did a remarkable job. you deserve a lot of credit. >> dana: you see the on-air talent that was great. our camera work at fox news was excellent. i watched it last night. >> kimberly: in harm's way. >> eric: a lot of people stayed in the city and gave up time with their families to make sure you got the latest. >> greg: is that is why the storm is perceived bigger than a lot of storms that killed more people? it's immediate center -- media center? it affects the media. there are storms in past there are more devastating than this is. but they didn't hit new york. >> bob: the economic impact could be billions of dollars. >> kimberly: because of the area covered. >> bob: quarter of the united states. >> eric: $25 to $50 billion. we don't know all the damage
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yet. but $25 billion to $50 billion to be on par for fourth or fifth most devastating hurricane. >> greg: what benefits is the banana republic because that's where reporter goes to buy rain gear. >> dana: what happens to halloween? candy goes on sale tomorrow. >> eric: chris christie was entertaining delaying halloween. listen to him earlier today. look at the stress on this man's face. >> the level of devastation at the jersey shore is unthinkable. we know that there are many people who own homes who evacuated, who are going to want to get back on to the island to assess the damage to their homes. we are nowhere near able to let you back on to the island. >> eric: as a new jersey -- i live in new jersey. i'm glad i have that man as my governor. >> kimberly: he is fantastic. he looks presidential. fortunate to have him and his response. this is one of the reason people love governor christie.
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he calls it as he sees it. he is one that will criticize if he thinks someone not doing the job right but quick to praise and he did praise the president for being accessible. >> bob: i want to add here that our brother eric bolling has a house on one of the islands. probably not there right now. i feel for you, brother. >> eric: who knows? take a look at the roller coaster. this is where the jersey shore, you know, that show that goes on mtv. this is where it's filmed. take a look at that. the roller coaster in the water right now. >> dana: so it's a water coaster. >> bob: a big chunk of -- >> eric: the atlantic city boardwalk in the water as well. >> eric: this is very important. the neighborhood in queens, new york, look at some of the destruction that went on there from a fire. not sure how it started. >> kimberly: terrible. because of the flooding. they couldn't even get in to treat this. apparently some of the firefighters even live in that
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area. they're not especiall even ablet in and save the neighbors. >> dana: i heard it was started when transformers were exploding. last night, i thought we were watching lightning, around the time the storm came in. what i had seen was the transformers blow up. >> eric: does it make sense to put electrical transformers in the substation down below where the water is going to come? >> greg: you are asking somebody who cannot change a tire. if you could have -- i don't know what you -- >> kimberly: you can't even pump gas. c'mon! >> greg: i am the most useless person in times like these. i have no technical, i have no ability -- >> kimberly: you panic. >> greg: and i panic. >> bob: they close down part of the nuclear power plant in new york as safety precaution. >> eric: very good. leave it there. come up, epic superstorm sandy put both presidential campaigns on hold, but as the storm moves on, how are the candidates handling it? that is next. dana is up next.
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♪ ♪ >> dana: hurricane sandy forc both presidential candidates to put politics
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aside, as the east coast breaks for impact and both campaigns will be treading lightly as they get back to campaign mode. today was all about the storm. this afternoon, president obama visited the red cross, national headquarters and mitt romney -- let's go to obama first. listen to him. >> we certainly feel profoundly for all the families whose lives have been up-ended. and are going to be going through some very tough times over the next several days. and perhaps several weeks and months. the most important message i have for them is that america is with you. we are standing behind you. we are going to do everything we can. to help you get back on your feet. >> dana: mitt romney attended a storm release event in ohio. listen to him. >> we have heavy hearts as you know, with the suffering going on and major part of our country. a lot of people hurting this morning. they were hurting last night. the storm goes on. i have had a chance to speak with some of the governors and the effected areas and they
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have talked about a lot of people having hard times. i appreciate the fact that people here in dayton got up this morning, some went to the grocery store, i see and purchased things that knows families will need. and -- things that these families will need. i appreciate your generosity. >> dana: times like these, people set politics aside. that's a smart thing, because i'm not running the new york marathon this weekend but i know people who train, they taper off in their running toward the end so they can be rested up and ready to go. i think in some ways america needed to taper off from the negative attacks that both candidates were doing toward one another. in the storm, right to set it aside. >> kimberly: this has been a serious reality check for everybody about what matters in life and makes the pettyest in and mean spirited nature for the negative campaigns stand out. you have don't want to be associated with this. >> greg: boo. i disagree. boo! i hate the cliche that everybody comes together in a time of crisis. >> kimberly: is that not
2:17 pm
what we're doing? what is wrong with you? >> greg: i try to balance it out. there are so many people playing politics with this right now, the idea it's not happening is baloney. mitt was out there getting supplies he was asked 14 times whether he would survey the damage or not. would a reporter even ask obama three times about benghazi? i mean, they are asking -- the reporters are trying to capture romney making a mistake. while giving obama a free event said there was a 40% chance mitt would say something stupid. the only back track when he was caught saying it on a hot mic. so in my view there is a 99% chance that the media hoping romney will screw it up. in order to save obama's election. this little break here, in the storm, is helping obama, the media is helping obama. >> bob: i think that is a little bit unfair. obama has done a good job -- chris christie was full praise for president obama last night. romney did the right thing. romney campaign agreed to not
2:18 pm
attack the president in the next couple of days, which is very smart politics, if you will, but it's the right thing to do. >> kimberly: he's a gentleman. >> bob: and they both called off the campaign events which is the right thing to do in the effected areas. so far, the politics, i say obviously it benefits to the president. but romney has inserted himself -- >> eric: can i interrupt? this is absolutely going to benefit mitt romney, because romney was on, he was getting the momentum. he had the gallup poll increasing in his favor and still is. what this did, what the storm did is put evening on hold. froze everything in place. he gets the bigger momentum. importantly, the female vote. the women vote was going, he closed that gap completely. now there is a freeze. bam become can't go -- obama can't go negative and romney can't go negative. if president obama starts showing up at these various places too often, people will say he is pandering. political pandering because these are the state issues.
2:19 pm
not federal issues. sign the check. that is the only thing. >> bob: brought in by the governors to look at these. >> greg: i heard when he takes the podium later today he will blame the hurricane on the movie "twister" and blame the flooding on "water world" and the fire on "back draft." when he finds throughout is no electricity, he will blame it on "wall-e." >> bob: who does he blame the video on? >> greg: we don't know. who pushed the video. >> bob: are you going to volunteer anyplace? setting up -- >> greg: the best way to volunteer is stay out of people's way. if i try to help somebody or something, it gets worse. >> kimberly: honey, he can't dress himself. >> greg: true. >> dana: one other part of this, obama, rya obama are off o the sideline. but -- obama and romney are off to sideline. but not the surrogates. bill clinton was sent to minnesota which had been a safe obama state, recently moved to a lean obama state. so they're having to shore up
2:20 pm
in minnesota and pennsylvania. where romney has put additional resources in, because last week he said bob, watch where the money goes. that's where the money is going from both campaigns, does it mean they're more up for grabs? >> bob: romney spread out the electoral map no question about it. if obama were to lose minnesota, it would be a landslide for romney. they have to send him in to shore things up. he will get to colorado where he needs to be. what romney, though, is missing here is a lot of campaign events in ohio, which he desperately needs. >> dana: that's where he was today. >> bob: but he was doing fundraising there. which is fine. but he needs to do the rallies and other things. anytime you freeze something, it doesn't actually mean you come back to where it was when you froze it. >> eric: no, but it doesn't mean the momentum changes back. face it, president obama has had the best success at changing the polling. when he goes negative. when his negative ads about romney for bain capital. >> kimberly: that's when he was ahead. >> eric: he was a murderer. that's when he gets movem.
2:21 pm
he can't do that now. you have can't go negative now. >> bob: are you suggesting that romney hasn't attacked obama negatively? one thing we should point out today the independent committee for both sides went over billion in spending. that means you have $3 billion spent on the presidential race. unbelievable. >> kimberly: it is unbelievable. where is it getting them in the end? >> dana: the npr poll that came out today has the two candidates at 49/48. the interesting thing about the poll, i thought, bob, i don't know if you had a chance to look at it there with auz an eight-point swing for romney in the poll from npr. >> kimberly: the important point is obama is losing ground since the piv the first debate where people got a chance to see who romney is and what he stands for. that is true. >> bob: made progress but it's been frozen. >> dana: he is lucky he has good governors in place. >> greg: the real question is will the media use a natural disaster to prevent a political one? >> dana: great point. >> kimberly: i believe you said that and the answer is yes. >> greg: i try to sum things
2:22 pm
up. >> dana: you're next. coming up, newspaper endorsements, covered by presidential campaigns. and a lot of president obama supporters in 2008, are now supporting governor romney. greg has that list when we come right back. ♪ chances are, you're not made of money, so don't overpay for motorcycle insurance. geico, see how much you could save.
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with the experience and service to keep things rolling. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward. so switch to regions. and let's get going. together. ♪ ♪ >> greg: in what is called the opposite of news, "new york times" enthusiastically endorsed president obama. i know! it takes a lot to get that paper enthusiastic unless it's about biodegradable wind chimes. what an endorsement this is. this paper through eighth reporter also enthusiastically endorsed stalin i'm not
2:27 pm
comparing obama to stalin but the times have been wrong when being right really mattered. the times have a gushing enthusiasm of 17-year-old too naive to know she has been seduced. given that other papers endorsing obama did so reluctantly, it show house far in the pocket the times editorial board is. it must be hard to see clearly when you have obama lint in your eye. "des moines register" endorsed romney. first time they endorsed a republican since endorsing columbus. how to explain the switching from "d" to "r"? this is a tweet -- how does it feel to work for a racist, rob? apparently that tweet has been removed.
2:28 pm
>> eric: i wasn't eva longoria. it was his. >> dana: is anybody else having this problem? >> greg: a lot of papers flipped to romney. the des moines register, a big deal? >> bob: a big deal. it's been six or seven and i think one or two flipped from republican to obama. >> greg: "the billings gazette." >> bob: in texas, they're three papers and they will go republic. "the des moines register" matters. it's bigest in the state and has political influence. if there one paper i want for all in the country it's that paper. >> kimberly: thank you for that truthful and refreshing -- >> eric: you say that, unless "new york times" endorsed a republican. >> bob: you tracked it on polls.
2:29 pm
it makes a difference. if you can't win ohio, you have to win at great length. needs to win a number of stat states. iowa is another. iowa is important. >> eric: can we talk iowa? ohio. thank you. northern part of ohio is very democratic and obama. a lot of car companies, tire companies up there. southern part being republican. you want to go for the middle piece of ohio. if romney doesn't win ohio, gets iowa, wisconsin becomes the in play state. >> eric: wisconsin and you need to win two other states. >> bob: i'm giving him right now florida, north carolina, and virginia. >> eric: because he's lea leading. >> kimberly: you think it's
2:30 pm
better than the margin of error? >> bob: i get a sense they're falling back. he still needs to win -- without ohio he needs to win at least three states that obama won. iowa, wisconsin, colorado and -- >> eric: that's it. >> dana: some places you don't have papers anymore. in colorado "rocky mountain news" has shuttered. that was a paper that typically would endorse a republican. >> bob: new hampshire is the other one. >> dana: in some places i don't know if papers matter much but des moines was big. i admit it, i was wrong. i thought that the "register" telegraphs that they were going to endorse obama regardless. >> kimberly: october surprise. >> dana: i was wrong. >> bob: they got mad when they were told what to do. what was on the record and off the record. in the editorial. >> kimberly: frustrated. >> bob: i think they were frustrated. but look, they're pretty straight -- they had strong arguments in the editorial board. a lot of people want to go for obama but the majority went
2:31 pm
for -- >> kimberly: the significance he is making inroads in blue states with endorsements. >> bob: romney can spend times in states he doesn't need to be. minnesota a place he goes in an campaigns and for a media market to bleed in ohio. wisconsin, eric is right. this is a tough state. very tough state. >> eric: i think he will win ohio. >> bob: if he wins ohio it's pretty much over. >> dana: how is it news that "new york times" endorse obama. i read it at home and then i have to take a shower afterwards. they endorse him every page. >> kimberly: i give it to my dog bella. >> she endorses it. >> greg: she leaves a lot on the paper. coming up, father of a navy seal murdered in benghazi, powerful message for president obama you will hear from him when we come right back.
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i'm bret baier in washington. the big story here is damage of hurricane sandy. tonight on "special report," devastation in northeast. new jersey was particularly hammered. atlantic city boardwalk in shambles. neighborhoods flooded. in new york, the subway system damaged. millions in the region are without power. the death toll now stands at 39. many from falling trees. the economic loss could reach $50 billion. president obama will go to new jersey tomorrow to survey the damage. he has canceled the political events scheduled for wednesday. romney turned a previously scheduled political rally in ohio in to a relief effort. both candidates are trying to stay visible and yet appropriate with seven days to go in the campaign. what does this all do to the race? we look at what is done to help the victims of the
2:37 pm
monster storm. national guard and red cross are out in force. "special report" starts at 6:00 eastern. now back to new york with my colleagues at "the five." ♪ ♪ >> kimberly: september, the consulate was under siege and tyrone woods ignored orders to go in for help and he was killed hours later. his father spoke to sean hannity last night about how the white house handled the situation. >> obviously, people in the white house were watching watched this happen. their cries for help. the order don't help them at all, let them die.
2:38 pm
whoever that might be. you have blood of my son on your hands. i still forgive you. you need to stand up. >> eric: in an interview, president obama addressed allegations that the administration has been misleading the american people. >> i take offense that in any way we haven't tried to make sure that the american people knew and information was coming in. what we believed happened. >> kimberly: there will be hearings about this. >> that wasn't the question. the question is did you or did you not turn down additional support and assets to four of the americans who were pinned down taking fire?
2:39 pm
hold on. mr. woods makes a good point. why we probably have done this every day. one of those days someone will come out and tell us about a discussion they had that tells us exactly what happened. >> kimberly: president obama says we don't leave anybody behind but we did in benghazi. you have want do a press conference about that. shameless. >> bob: with all due respect the father. it can understand him being upset. the idea from a drone photograph you can tell what is going on, on the ground and further more you can hear cries from help is not possible. the idea in the white house they watched this realtime through smoke and flame is just not, just not something that can sustain itself. you can't make a decision from ma you saw an a drone. >> dana: charlotte lamb testified differently. >> kimberly: under oath. >> dana: she said she was watching it full-time. i don't know if it's running
2:40 pm
in the white house situation room but she says under oath she was watching it from the department. >> bob: they were watching fire and smoke and a lot of mayhem on the ground. the question is can you make decisions on what you saw from the drones. >> kimberly: the president isn't answering the questions and he knows the truth. >> eric: catherine herridge report that these people requested assistance. they wanted backup and air support. >> greg: a phrase that needs to be been a is fog of war. it sounds ma gistic but it's designed to prevent you from pursuing the questions. what happened. people have to ask what happened. if president obama said he took offense with the suggestion, he is offended. where did he say this? on morning joe. who should be offended. president who parses out nonanswers in a comfy setting like morning joe or families that deserve answers? america should be offended he doesn't stand up and answer simple questions like who pushed the video?
2:41 pm
he goes on mtv where they have videos. he prefer prefers that and beyoe over benghazi. >> dana: it chose his thin skin. i don't think that his staff prepares him well for these things, because if you look at, look at statement they put out themselves over the month period from the 11 to the 28. say of september. anybody that looks at it could look at it and say well, those two things, they don't add up. so why not say i understand that there are questions. we are working to get answers and make sure that even has the answers. i don't have them for you right now. but he's always offended by everything. i think you're right. >> kimberly: luxury to be offended. >> bob: probably time for a full scale press conference on this. >> kimberly: i agree. >> eric: the point you made earlier, we don't leave anyone behind. that happened today at the salvation arm. he said we're tough americans. we are tough because we pull together and we leave nobody behind and make sure we
2:42 pm
respond. it beg to differ. especially the families of ambassadorsteins. beg to differ. >> kimberly: the truth will come out. >> bob: outrageous statement to make. >> eric: he made it. it didn't make it. >> bob: he purposefully left people besunshine c'mon. >> kimberly: bob, you're offended by it. the truth will come out. we have information that shows -- they didn't want a blackhawk down situation and more casualties to be unseemly for them to win re-election at the white house they haven't deserved so far. coming up, five stories, five minutes. jam packed with politics. right back with this. stay with us.
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2:46 pm
>> bob: time for the political lightning round. go. >> eric: mitt romney put up this ad. watch this. >> obama sold chrysler to italians who were going to build jeeps in china. romney will fight for every
2:47 pm
american job. >> i'm romney and i approve this message. >> the campaign goes romney is wrong, he's lying. look at the guy who bought chrysler and his quote. the ceo of chrysler says we are working to establish a global enterprise and announce the intent to return jeep production to china. that is the italian that bought chrysler for nothing. >> bob: romney let him off with bankruptcy. >> eric: no, he didn't. >> manager: you talk about the managed bankruptcy. >> kimberly: italian that wants to do business -- >> bob: they have built jeeps in china for year. >> kimberly: talk about the accuracy of the ad. >> bob: maybe they work together. >> kimberly: moving on.
2:48 pm
>> bob: the flat earth society people with republican colleagues won the public relations battle on global warming. against real science. now it's back and we find out that having the hurricane this late in the season with the catastrophic weather system for hottest ten years on record is back. i think we win the battle easily. >> dana: best way to win a p.r. battle is with facts. >> kimberly: i know. >> dana: hurricane season gone from june 1 to september 1 for as far back as you republic. remember. it's october. there are more people living at the shore near the water so there is more impact. >> kimberly: population is -- >> dana: this is nothing to do with global warming. >> bob: you still say there is no more global warming. >> eric: global warming caused a hurricane - --
2:49 pm
[ overtalk ] >> greg: saying people are screpty call -- look i want to go to my lightning round. you can predict moments after catastrophe, global warming freaks link it to global warming. case and point, bob. and megan mccain went on twitter saying are we still going to go with climate change not being real? fellow americans? richard muller, professor of physics at the university of california berkeley one of the leading experts in climate change that believed manmade global warming exists. let me read this for people who don't read. polar bears aren't dying from the ice. himalayan glaciers aren't going to melt and it's
2:50 pm
possible we won't warm more than we were in the ice period. it's been offset by the cooling elsewhere in world. linked to global warming. my point being read, read, read! >> bob: read 98% of the other side that don't agree with this guy. >> greg: that has been debunked. >> kimberly: is that a fill buster in the lightning round? >> bob: i knew you would be upset. >> dana: but greg is right. quick thing that my friend sent to me, this is an ad in virginia and d.c. thomas, an immigrant who came to america from hungary and not connected to the campaign and not to the super pac. he loves america and democracy. he ran this ad. >> i grew up in a socialist country. i have seen what it doze to people. no freedom or pride in achievement.
2:51 pm
america's wealth come comes from people striving for success. take away incentive with the success and you take away what helps us take care of the needy. yes, in socialism, the rich will be poorer. creating jobs. this is a slippery slope. they don't learn from the best. i'm voting republican. >> dana: the most powerful ad of the campaign season. >> kimberly: for lightning round i'm going to a place i feel warm and fuzzy. words of charles krauthammer. >> greg: my house? >> kimberly: no. definitely not. charles krauthammer we talk about benghazi. i thought he had something telling to say about the president. juxtaposition how he handled benghazi or not handled it at all. >> he shows up in briefing
2:52 pm
room, where he hasn't shown up in briefing room for what, a month-and-a-half, on libya or anything else for that matter. you would think he wants to use the situation room and have high-level people in the nine hours, people under attack. benghazi hard to look at this playing the president. playing the commander-in-chief on what is the natural disaster. >> bob: one more thing is next and the last decade was hottest on record. that's a fact. >> greg: it's not. when did the record start.
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>> eric: time for one more thing. look at the brand new video that came in fox. south berry subway station down below. look at the water. boy, it will take a long time to get that water out of there. want to give it to you first and foremost on "the five." okay, do one more thing. i'm up. last night, couple of talk shows who have live audiences picked from the crowd here at times square, whatever, couldn't do it for safety reasons. watch what happened. >> thank you very much. thank you. welcome to late night with jimmy fallen, everybody. please, please. keep it down. >> so here are the jokes if we had had an audience here, run
2:57 pm
through the jokes. i come out and i say well, so much for drought. that would have been the opener. >> that would have been a funny opening right there. >> it's a whole different perspective when you sit here and read them -- >> eric: fallon is funny no matter what. letterman is not funny with or without an audience. >> kimberly: i want to thank the first responders for the sacrifices. you saw many stories on carrying children, one of the hospitals here in new york had to be evacuated. families displaced and always countless times they put themselves on the line. boy, have they been call to duty more times than anyone should in the east coast. >> eric: "hear! hear!" >> dana: internet is a place are rue nowheres get started -- rumors get started. there is daily current and it's satire. they ran a story that said obama wanted to ban instagram because he thought it was an app to measure quantity of illegal street drugs.
2:58 pm
it's a joke. but some take it seriously. put the tweet back up. he said someone would take it for the team and pop romney if he got elected. laugh out loud. you can't kill big bird and instagram and get away with it. it's just a joke. but kind of got a life of its own that romney wants to kill instagram. >> bob: i read one of -- dana and i have both read this book. one of the best novels i read in a long time. >> kimberly: me, too. >> bob: "ghosts of manhatta manhattan." by dug bunch who happens to be the husband of our own colleague megyn kelly. great read. best thing i have read. novel that explained what happened in the housing crisis. i urge you to buy the book. terrific. >> kimberly: very talented. great book. >> greg: you never plug any book. >> eric: you do. >> greg: i have to plug my own book. >> kimberly: we have to read it. >> greg: forget it. >> eric: want to do one more
2:59 pm
thing? >> greg: when you see water in a house, it looks like fun. do you want to fill up your house with water when you were a kid? did you try. people forget about the salvation army. just text "storm" to 80888. it shows up on your phone bill. i don't know. i just did it. i only transmit information. i don't do anything else. >> bob: once again, thank the producers and everybody else who made this work. >> kimberly: thank you. >> eric: keep it here on fox for the lattes news on the fall-out from hurricane katrina sandy.


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